We highly recommend everyone to get their tracks Stem Mastered.

It lets the engineer wider control over the sound and consequently allows to receive the best quality on exit.

Order Stem Mastering now for best price of $129  


1. 50% of tracks are unable to achieve the best possible quality , due to common mistakes in mixing.

2. Stem mastering is 2-3 times cheaper than full mixdown. 

3. Engineer has total control of sound having just 5-7 stems. 

4. Enjoy 20% discount on Stem Mastering till 31 March 2018 

5. Return in 72 hours.

Guide. How to prepare:

Make from 5 to 7 stems. Usually stems are (just an example): 

1 stem - kick 

2 stem - bass (one or all bass tracks together **better to have all bass tracks as separate rows) 

3 stem - drums 

4 stem - hi hats (metals) 

5 stem - instruments group 1 (for example keys) 

6 stem - instruments group 2 (for example pads) 

7 stem - effects 

Each stem as a separate Wav file 24 bit depth. All the stems should start at the same moment of the song. 

* Our specialists will help you with all necessary info how to prepare your track stems individually.



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Stem Mastering $129