user guide

Files setup: 

For Mastering:

WAV, 24 bit, 44100 Hz 

Not higher than -3 db headroom 

No plugins (limiters, compressors etc) on the master bus 

For Mixdown:

Each instrument track as separate Wav file 24 bit depth -6db headroom

All the tracks should start at the same moment of the song 

Please send us an example of final sound if you have some preferences


All about Stem Mastering is here>>


Files send guide: 

Files can be sent with any fileshare systems as Sendspace, WeTransfer, OneDrive, etc on our email

Or just fill our Contact Form with File Link Field:


Time of work delivery: 

Mastering - 3 days 

Stem Mastering - 3 days 

Mixing - delivery date is personally specified 

 **NOTE: By default we return final files in WAVE 16bit 44100Hz. If you want to get files in other format, please specially highlight your preference 

 ***We accept and solve all customers claims***